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Whether you’re an investor or a homeowner considering renting out your property, property management in Texas can seem daunting. However, professional property managers can alleviate much of this stress, handling the minutiae of rental operations. This article delves into the typical services provided by property managers for single-family rentals in Texas, ensuring your investment not only retains its value but also becomes a source of passive income.

Preparing a Property for Listing and Occupancy 

The journey begins with making the property ‘rent-ready’. This involves a thorough make-ready process which includes items such as carpet cleaning, touch-up painting, deep cleaning, rekeying locks, and handling minor repairs, ensuring the property is in top-notch condition for prospective tenants. Additionally, property managers arrange for professional photographs to showcase the property in the best light and install a lockbox to facilitate secure and convenient future showings.

Marketing the Property 

Effective marketing is key to minimizing vacancy costs. Property managers list your home on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), making it visible to Realtors representing potential tenants. The rental listing is also syndicated to major Internet Listing Sites (ILSs) like Trulia, Zillow, and, amplifying the property’s visibility to unrepresented tenants searching online.

Tenant Screening 

A crucial aspect of property management is finding the right tenant. This involves a comprehensive screening process, which includes ordering credit reports, conducting criminal history checks, and verifying employment status and income. This rigorous process is vital in ensuring reliable tenants who pay on time and take care of the property.

Lease Preparation and Move-In Coordination

Upon approving a tenant, the property manager prepares a detailed residential lease agreement, along with any necessary addenda. They oversee the signing process, collect the first month’s rent and security deposit, and coordinate the tenant’s move-in. Both tenants and owners are given online portal access, streamlining communication and management tasks associated with the property.

Rent Collection and Maintenance

Property managers handle the collection of rent through secure online portals, providing convenience for tenants and consistent cash flow for property owners. They also take on the responsibility of coordinating any necessary repairs and maintenance during the lease term, ensuring the property remains in good condition.

Financial Reporting and Owner Distribution

Owners receive monthly rental distributions and accounting statements detailing the property’s financial performance. Additionally, year-end statements, including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and 1099 Informational Return, are provided to the owner.

Property Inspections and Eviction Process

Periodic inspections are conducted to ensure tenants are maintaining the property appropriately. In the unfortunate event of a tenant failing to pay rent, the property manager will initiate and handle the eviction process, adhering to legal protocols, including sending a Notice to Vacate and representing the owner in court if necessary.

End of Lease Procedures

As the tenant’s lease term concludes, the property manager conducts a final property inspection and handles the security deposit return process, providing a detailed accounting to the tenant and ensuring the property is ready for subsequent occupancy.

Entrusting your property to a skilled property manager in Texas not only provides peace of mind but also ensures your property is well-maintained, your returns are maximized, and the legalities are handled professionally. Investing in a property manager’s services translates into a valuable partnership that enhances the profitability and preservation of your real estate investment.


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