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Understanding the SCRA

The SCRA is a federal law that offers various protections for active-duty service members, including the ability to terminate residential leases without penalty upon deployment or relocation. This act ensures that military personnel can serve without worrying about civil obligations back home.

The Texas Association of Realtors Lease Provisions

In Texas, the lease agreement provided by the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) includes a clause specifically for this situation. It stipulates that a tenant must give 30 days’ notice and present their military orders to legally break their lease due to service requirements. This provision mirrors the SCRA’s guidelines, making it straightforward for both landlords and tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Key Takeaways for Landlords

  • Notification and Documentation: Tenants must notify their landlords at least 30 days in advance and provide a copy of their military orders.
  • Lease Termination: Upon receiving notice, landlords are required by law to allow the lease termination without imposing additional costs on the tenant.
  • Preparation for Releasing: Landlords should be ready to find a new tenant, acknowledging the importance of supporting our military members by facilitating their transition.

While having a tenant terminate a lease for military service might be unexpected, understanding and complying with the SCRA and TAR provisions is crucial for landlords. This not only aligns with legal obligations but also demonstrates support for military personnel. Simplifying the process for both parties ensures that military members can focus on their duties, knowing their housing situation is handled respectfully and lawfully.

For landlords unsure about handling these situations or needing further advice, consulting with a real estate expert or lawyer can offer clarity and direction, ensuring smooth lease terminations and transitions for military tenants.

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