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Residential Management FAQ

What kind of Residential Properties Does Silberman Realty Manage?

We manage both single-family homes and multifamily properties 100 units or under. Our multifamily portfolio consists of numerous duplexes and small apartment complexes. However, the FAQs on this page are more relevant to single-family properties. Please feel free to call and speak to one of our representatives if you have questions about multifamily management.

What services are included when Silberman Realty Property Management manages a property?

Silberman Realty Property Management offers full service management including rent collection and disbursement, monthly accounting statements, coordination and scheduling of repair requests, year end tax statements, property inspections, and much more. We have clients all over the world that entrust their properties to us and are completely hands off.

How much do property management services cost?

Silberman Realty Property Management charges an affordable flat fee per month for property management services. Management companies in Texas typically charge between $65 and 10% of monthly rent per property managed per month. Our flat fee usually falls in the middle of the fee range charged by property management companies in Texas. Silberman Realty Property Management offers a quality service for an affordable flat monthly fee. We do not compete on price with management companies that charge lower monthly fees.

Do you have any additional fees on top of the monthly fee for property management services?

We charge an eviction fee of $200 to evict a tenant that we did not select or recommend and a $150 renewal fee for leases. Aside from these fees, our landlords will never receive a charge other than our affordable monthly rate. Many other management companies in Texas use charges such as inspection fees and repair coordination fees as an additional revenue source. Landlords should be aware of fee lists when selecting management companies.

Do you screen tenants before placing them in properties?

Yes, all tenants are screened for credit, criminal background, rental history, and income verification prior to being accepted to one of the properties we manage.

What tenant qualifications or criteria are used prior to selecting tenants?

We look at the biggest statistical factors when selecting tenants which typically includes broken leases, prior evictions, short sales, foreclosures, stability of employment, and many others. We typically do not accept evictions, broken leases, or foreclosures. We never accept tenants with violent or drug related felony criminal history.

How much does it cost for you to find a tenant as well?

We charge between 75% and 100% of the first month’s rent in the Houston market area and between 50% and 100% of the first month’s rent in other Texas markets. The range of percentages vary according to how we lease a property and how much tenant demand exists in various sub-markets. Please contact us for a more exact quote on lease fees.

How do you market properties for lease?

We employ a multitude of channels by which to market our rental properties including the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and various web sites across the internet. Silberman Realty’s sister brand, ApartmentWIZ is one of longest standing leasing companies in the state. Because our affiliated brands are constantly working with prospective tenants, we maintain a vast tenant base from which we place in our rental listings. Our large leasing operation gives us a unique advantage over standard management companies that rely solely on the local MLS for lease traffic.

How long does it typically take to lease properties?

Because each property is unique in condition and location, there is no standard answer. However, we typically advise clients to expect 30 days even though we lease many high demand properties in 10-15 days.